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labadee beach


Labadee, or Labadie,as it is also commonly spelled, is among the most highly visited Haiti beach destinations. You can find this resort area on the northern coast, and it is privately owned by the Royal Caribbean International cruise line. Only Royal Caribbean cruise passengers are allowed within the gated realms of Labadee, and there are no less than five beaches that await them upon arrival. Dazzling rock formations and varying types of sand help to characterize the Labadee beaches, and there are plenty of activity options that beachgoers can get into. There is even a Labadee beach that has aquatic fun park, and if you book a suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise that visits the resort, you can enjoy exclusive access to a wonderful beach club.


Chouchou Bay Beach


The city of Jacmel offers some excellent beaches and helps to make the southern coast of Haiti a recommendable destination for beach lovers. Many Haiti visitors understandably turn their attention to the northern side of the country, however, as that is where Labadee and several other top rated Haiti beaches can be found. Another example of a tantalizing North Haiti beach is Chouchou Bay Beach. A renowned strip of sand, Chouchou Bay Beach entices the traveler with its tranquil atmosphere and its spectacular scenery. Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop, as do numerous trees that can also provide shady respite from the hot Caribbean sun. The historic town of Port Margot is more specifically where you can find Chouchou Bay Beach. This puts it approximately 15 miles from the larger city of Cap Haitian.


Ils-A-Rat Beach


The history of Haiti includes a visit from Christopher Columbus. While in the area, the famous explorer gave name to a tiny Haitian island. That island, Ils-A-Rat, is no bigger than a city block, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in appeal. Sumptuous beaches surround the inland area, which is dominated by lush vegetation. Meeting the sand are clear waters that are full of coral reefs, so there are excellent snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. Ils-A-Rat can also make for a great place to have a picnic, and many visitors also indulge in some swimming and sunbathing. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time on the diminutive island of Ils-A-Rat, chances are good that you won't want to leave when it comes time to return to the North Haiti mainland.


port salut beach


Back down on the southern coast of Haiti is where you will find a beach destination that is starting to attract a considerable amount of attention. This destination is known as Port Salut, and much of its allure lies in its beautiful beaches. Not yet a major tourist destination, Port Salut offers very relaxing and tranquil strips of sand, the likes of which are increasingly being enjoyed by both local Haitians and international tourists alike. Also, because of the town's location on the west side of the peninsula, its beaches are often terrific places to watch sunsets. For those who are interested in a Port Salut beach hotel recommendation, the Dan's Creek Hotel is certainly worth keeping in mind. It has its own small beach and offers proximity to Port Salut's public beaches.

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