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American Airlines flying to Haiti



American Airlines has been proudly serving Haiti for more than 40 years. By offering daily flights to Port au Prince and Cap Haitien from all major US airports, the most modern fleet and exceptional service, it gives  you the opportunity for an enjoyable and safe flight.


International Airports in Haiti: Aeroport International Toussaint Louverture. Port-au-Prince International Airport (PAP), located 5 miles from downtown.


Local airports: Cap Haïtien (northeast) and Port-de Paix (northwest). Jacmel (southeast of Haïti Pignon, center of Haiti). Jérémie (southwest or Grand Anse).



American Airlines Direct Flights to Haiti


AA Flights to Port au Prince

From Miami - 3 daily flights

From New York - 1 daily  flight



AA Flights to Cap Haitien

From Miami – 1 daily flight

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